Monthly Archives: September 2014

It’s Autumn in the Puget Sound

Did summer fly by or what? All those warm days seemed to make the time go faster. But it’s the first days of fall and we’re ready for the leaves to change. One thing that won’t change – all the localicious things to do around the Puget Sound. We took a look at some events that would interest the members of our communities.

Stadium Place
Sounders playoffs, new restaurants, Art walks and Seahawk Sundays. Fall looks pretty fun.

The Corydon
The Huskies are ready to spike both footballs and volleyballs. Meanwhile, you can head up the hill to enjoy the museum and some theatre. Or, enjoy a day with some real dogs in U-Village.

The Lyric
Up on Capitol Hill, residents of The Lyric will be tempted with a variety of indoor and outdoor opportunities. Sketchfest, the Aids Walk, Art walks, the return of the Egyptian and of course….cheese.

The Century
Our newest property is centrally located within walking distance of the Seattle Center, Belltown, Lower Queen Anne and South Lake Union. Some highlights of the next few weeks include the following: mind-expansion from TedX Rainier, auditory glee from Elton John and Phish, visual stimulation from the Pacific Science Center, and total sensory overload from Teatro Zinzanni.

The 101 Kirkland
Autumn on the Eastside is fantastic for the social + music lover. Art walks, Oktoberfest, a jazz festival and wine. Sign me up.

Across the Sound, Everyone is Talking Sports

If you are not a hardcore sports fan, you may not understand why your sports-minded friends are in somewhat of an apoplectic shock this week. We want to make sure you have the proper talking points when you run into one of your adrenalin-filled co-workers or fellow residents in the elevator or by the water cooler. So here are some easy responses to throw at them based on what they seem to be wearing or want to talk about.

The low down: For the first time in enough years that we would have to look it up on Wikipedia to get the answer right, the Mariners have a shot at the playoffs. 5 teams in the Three-Division American League “make the playoffs.” Each Division winner qualifies for the 2nd round, while the two best teams that don’t win a division play each other to decide who gets the fourth spot. It’s unlikely that the Mariners win their division, but as of today they are one of 3 teams (A’s, Tigers, Mariners) within 1/2 game of each other. Two teams will Qualify. Your key questions:

  • Doesn’t Rodney scare you a little?
  • What happens if Ackley doesn’t come back?
  • Is it good or bad that we have so many games against the Angels?

Your key responses:

  • I’ll take either Felix or Iwakuma in a one game playoff.
  • Cano is going to turn these guys into winners.
  • It’s all going to come down to the games against the Angels.

The low down: After 26 of their 34 scheduled games, the Sounders have 16 wins, 3 ties and 7 losses, which gives them the most points (51) in Major League Soccer. They are almost guaranteed to make the playoffs, but in soccer there is prestige in finishing with the best record in the league and winning what is called the “Supporters Shield.” It’s quite the accomplishment to win the Supporters Shield and then also win the Playoff Tournament. Plus, they have a chance to win a tournament called the U.S. Open Cup when they play Philadelphia on September 16. Your key questions:

  • Can the defense stop the Galaxy in the playoffs?
  • What is the deal with Pineda? Is he still in shape to lead the team?
  • Can anyone stop Dempsey and Martins when they are in form?

Your key responses:

  • I think Marshall is the key. If he gets hurt, we’re in trouble.
  • I really like Neagle off the bench. I think his speed is maximized against tired players.
  • If we’re healthy, we’re as good as anyone.

The low down: The season just started, and in their first game the Hawks put a pretty good thwacking on the Packers. It’s too early to say that they will definitely defend their Super Bowl championship, but it’s not too early to say that they very well might. Your key questions:

  • Man I can’t find a weakness with the team. What scares you?
  • Is there anyone on the roster who we just can’t afford to be hurt?
  • Who’s a bigger threat, the Cardinals or the 49’ers?

Your key responses:

  • Holy cow, Percy Harvin is a stud.
  • Oh my god, Richard Sherman is a stud.
  • I’ve always said, Russell Wilson is simply a stud.