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Pillar’s Five Safety Features for our Properties.

At Pillar Properties, we are committed to providing you state of the art security at each property. But, what does that really mean?  Basically, it’s not just one system or one practice, it is a collaborative work of systems, team members and practices that ensure our properties maintain a positive environment.

Here are our five key safety features for our properties:

  1. Courtesy Patrol: Noise complaint?  No problem! Courtesy Patrol is available at night when our management team leaves for the day. Call them if you encounter any incidents, disturbances or noise complaints and they will check it out right away. They are also at the property for holidays or big events such as Seahawks games, New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July. Courtesy Patrol is well-informed about each neighborhood and they are briefed on the property needs, so they can patrol and ensure everything is in order.
  2. Saflok Key System: We don’t want you to worry about anything at home, that’s why we invest in a Saflok key and lock system, which allows us to provide controlled access to the property.  That means a magnetic key fob is needed in order to gain access not only to the front door and your apartment, but also to the elevator and common areas. This helps minimize the risk of non-residents gaining access. Each key is tailored for individual use, so a resident would have different access for example than a dog walker or cleaning person that is hired by a resident.  This system also allows for fast and easy lost and stolen key deactivation and replacement. It’s as simple as stopping by the office to let us know and we will deactivate previous key and create a new one in no time.
  3. Gated Parking and Remotes: We often see our cars an extension of ourselves, therefore we are always looking to keep it safe. We provide gated parking with a garage remote to provide controlled access for your car. So you can have a peace of mind at home, knowing your car is resting peacefully.
  4. Maintenance Emergency 24-hour Contact: We know emergencies happen, especially when we least expect it, which is why we have maintenance available 24 hours a day. From a water leak to a heater malfunction, help is just a phone call away.
  5. Security Cameras: If an incident happens and no one is around, does it make a sound? We care about what happens at our properties, even when no one is around to see it, which is why our properties are equipped with security cameras in all common areas. The footage is reviewed periodically or when an incident is reported to ensure that everyone is maintaining safety standards.