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Our take on the Institute of Real Estate Management Summit in D.C.

Earlier this month, Diana Norbury, vice president of multifamily operations, attended the IREM Leadership Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. The summit served as a platform for real estate management professionals from all around the globe to network, discuss important industry issues and weigh in on how to maximize IREM membership benefits.

“I believe we can improve IREM’s membership by making IREM more accessible to entry-level professionals in the industry, by promoting certificates or designations that aren’t just for manager level positions or organizations,” Norbury said.

In addition to being an IREM member and CPM candidate, Norbury also sits on the National and Local Chapter for Education and Product Knowledge Committees, as she has always been passionate about real estate education. Therefore, she takes any opportunity to raise awareness and to enhance the quality of training and designations of real estate professionals.

Photo by IREM.

Photo by IREM.

Norbury hopes this will encourage real estate management as a profession. During the summit, she had the opportunity to meet with her local chapter’s executive to discuss ideas on how to enrich the current program offerings to include entry-level professionals. Norbury believes this would help those who are new to the industry grow through the ranks, creating a more qualified group of professionals and adding value to their organizations. This approach would also increase member count as the young professionals would acquire and maintain an IREM membership throughout their careers.

On the national level discussion, Norbury shared that they evaluated the new IREM online course product offerings and what needed to be done to sell more courses and ensure the right audience is targeted. Norbury believes encouraging younger membership would not only increase IREM’s member numbers and increase the usage of online courses, but would also ensure an innovative and fresh approach is embraced and practiced by IREM.

Congressman Steve Stivers.  Photo by IREM.

Congressman Steve Stivers. Photo by IREM.

Keynote speaker, Congressman Steve Stivers, spoke about what’s in store for the Industry’s Legislative Agenda, and shared 2015 advocacy issues. He also prepared them to go up The Hill to advocate, on behalf of each respective region, on legislation that impacts our industry.

The five-day summit was filled with passionate industry professionals who were looking to network, share knowledge and learn from one another. Diana Norbury had a rich experience and was able to share some of her ideas, while learning industry tips and practices, and learned what’s in store for the real estate industry.

Team Pillar Supports Seattle MS Walk

We joined the cause this past Sunday: Seattle Multiple Sclerosis Walk 2015—our very first companywide Pillar Passions team member event, and it was a huge success!

Clayton and Danielle

Clayton and Danielle

At Pillar Properties we present each year an E.P.I.C. award to a team member who exemplifies our company values: Excellence, Passion, Innovation and Commitment. Each year, the winner will be asked to choose an organization worthy of our team’s support. Our 2014 winner Clayton Williams wanted to support the MS Walk and it was an honor for all of us to walk with Clayton and his wife Danielle to support this worthy cause that is very close to their hearts.

We were so excited to have everyone come together to donate, support and participate in the MS Walk.  It was terrific to see such a big turnout and to have a sunny Sunday morning to hang out and intermingle with other team members. Plus, we all looked great in our Team Pillar shirts!

From left to right: Billy, Mike and Dave.

From left to right: Billy, Mike and Dave.

Together our team raised $2,560 for the thousands of families in the MS Chapter who are affected by this, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team’s commitment to this great cause. The money we raised through the MS Walk helps to allow 15,000 people living with MS in the northwest to receive local programs and services, of which 11 projects are right here in Washington. We consider it to be very localicious and Quietly Awesome for us to be part of such a great Pillar Passions event and we were thrilled to see the large number of team members who were able to take the time to be part of our walking team.


Team members and family before the walk.


Go Team Pillar!

People of Pillar Properties series: Tyler Patton and Markus Lytle

What are we most proud of at Pillar Properties?  Without question the answer to that is always our team members.  They are the heart and soul of our properties and they bring our commitment to being Quietly Awesome to life.  We think our team members are so cool that it’s not fair to keep them to ourselves.

Welcome to our People of Pillar Properties series, where you’ll get a chance each month to get up close and personal with our team.  Today we meet two of the people that make Stadium Place rock.

Stadium Place; The Nolo and The Wave.

Stadium Place; The Nolo and The Wave.

Tyler Patton, Maintenance Supervisor joined us in 2012 from our sister company, Merrill Gardens, and he has an incredible passion for solving problems with efficient and clever solutions.  Tyler thrives on working with residents and he gets lots of positive feedback for his work.

Tyler Patton, Maintenance Supervisor at Stadium Place.

Tyler Patton, Maintenance Supervisor at Stadium Place.

Markus Lytle, Maintenance Technician, joined us recently and has already set himself up for success with his excellent skills and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Markus 2

Markus Lytle, Maintenance Technitian at Stadium Place.

And since we already know that Tyler and Markus are great at what they do, we thought it would be fun to do a little detective work and find out what really makes them tick.  So we asked them some weird questions:

  1. Random fact:

It took a bit of convincing, but they finally told us! Growing up, Markus was in a bowling league for eight years! Scoring 250 points or more every time he played.

Tyler was an avid backpacker, he traveled through the Grand Canyon with friends, first in seventh grade, then again a few times in high school. He shared that his survival truly depended on his preparedness—and he’s always prepared now.



  1. If you could be any animal…

While Tyler is an outgoing and lively person, he confided that he would love to be a Sloth so he could sleep all day.
On the other hand, Markus wanted to be more adventurous and would like to be a Siberian Tiger so he could have dangerous claws and teeth to defend himself.

Siberian Tiger. Source:

Siberian Tiger. Source:

  1. Favorite Lunchbox as a kid:

He didn’t want to admit it, but Tyler’s favorite lunchbox was the Weezer, while Markus proudly shared he was the cool kid who brought his Batman lunchbox every day.

Weezer Lunch Box

One of many designs of the Weezer Lunchbox Tyler loved.

4.  If you could be a tree, which one would you be and where?

Markus assured us that ever since he was little he’d always wanted to be the Tree of Life from The Lion King, so he could be in the safari and hang out with the wild animals.

The Tree of Life from The Lion King. Source: The Lion King Wikia

The Tree of Life from The Lion King. Source: The Lion King Wikia

Tyler decided he would like to be an Evergreen Tree, so he could have foliage year round and live a happy, long and prosperous life.

At Pillar Properties, we like to celebrate our team members and all their unique qualities.  But we are still pretty surprised to learn that Tyler carried the Weezer lunch box.