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Reinventing the Seattle Waterfront

“This is a chance for us to be a great city.”

Big changes are coming to Seattle’s Waterfront. Recently Bisnow hosted Waterfront & Beyond, an event to discuss the breakdown of reworking the iconic Seattle Waterfront. We were honored that our very own Senior Vice President Billy Pettit was asked to be on the panel. Billy has been on multiple expert panels for Bisnow and was thrilled to share his insight at Waterfront & Beyond.

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Pillar Properties Senior Vice President Billy Pettit


The City of Seattle has launched a multi-year program, “Waterfront Seattle” to ultimately build the new waterfront. According to City of Seattle Office of the Waterfront:

“The Program covers the waterfront from Pioneer Square to Belltown and includes a rebuilt Elliot Bay Seawall, new parks and paths, access to the water, places to enjoy views, vibrant public and cultural spaces, and a new urban street that will accommodate all modes of travel and provide an important connection in the city’s transportation system.”

While the new Waterfront projects bring obstacles, they also bring opportunities for development and investment.

“Downtown has not always been a great place for families to live. The waterfront development changes that,” Pettit said. Waterfront living in downtown Seattle is an added amenity to the residential experience.

Pettit spoke of Pillar Properties’ deeply vested interest in downtown and the livability of downtown. Specifically, he discussed the Stadium Place project and how it created a front door to the Stadium District. Pillar Properties believed and still believes in the long term vision of Pioneer Square. Billy tied this point in with the waterfront’s challenge of timing. Revitalizing a neighborhood takes time. Big projects that are worth doing, that change cities, take time.

Pettit also said true challenges come from the unknown. We must move past failed projects and maintain momentum with the mindset of pioneers.

More information on the topics discussed at Waterfront & Beyond can be found in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

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Standing room only at Bisnow’s Waterfront and Beyond

Pillar Loves Pets: The Results are in!

Cats out of the bag! Votes have been counted and the winner of the Third Annual Pillar Loves Pets Photo Contest is…Wonton & Co.! These two cuddle buddies take the top prize with a whopping 412 votes! Our feline champions currently reside in The Lyric with their human Jingjing. Congratulations!

Pillar Loves Pets - Wonton & Co.

Pipo, posing perfectly with his favorite toy is the first runner up earning second place!  Congratulations to Pipo and his human Ana at The Century!

Pillar Loves Pets - Pipo

Wake up Oscar…you won third place! This sleepy pup and his duck also live in The Century with their human Marina.

Pillar Loves Pets - Oscar

Surprise! The judges had no choice but to include the fourth place winner as well! Enzo from The Corydon was just too darn cute! Congratulations to Enzo and his human Daniel!

Pillar Loves Pets - Enzo

The Judge’s Choice Award was definitely a tough one as we adored each and every furry face. But after much deliberation we decided we just couldn’t resist those looks we were getting from Bruno and Bacon.  This pair of pups live at Stadium Place with their humans Bini and Claudine. Bruno and Bacon are already famous after being featured in their digs on Evening Magazine!

Pillar Loves Pets - Bruno and Bacon

So it looks like the cats have it this year but the canine companions were right on their tails! Thank you to everyone who participated in Pillar Loves Pets for sharing your furry friends with us. Until next year!