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Happy 4th of July From Pillar Properties

Happy Independence Day! Before we share a few localicious ideas about how to spend the holiday, here are a few fun facts about the Declaration of Independence you can use to wow your friends.

  • Officially, the Continental Congress declared its freedom from Britain on July 2, 1776, when it approved a resolution and delegates from New York were given permission to make it a unanimous vote. John Adams thought July 2 would be marked as a national holiday for generations to come.
  • The Document had been proposed in draft form by the Committee of Five (John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson) and it took two days for the Congress to agree on the edits, which is why we celebrate on July 4.
  • Six people signed the Declaration and also the Constitution – Benjamin Franklin, George Read, Roger Sherman, Robert Morris, George Clymer and James Wilson.


Here are some links to our property blogs, with details on neighborhood Fourth of July events.

Have a fun, fabulous and safe Fourth of July!



Pillar Property Residents Enjoy the Furry 5K

Last week, the team from Pillar Properties joined our residents to participate in the 15th Annual Furry 5K at Seward Park.

Furry5k - Pillar Properties 7Furry5k - Pillar Properties 3

This fantastic event is a fundraiser for the Seattle Animal Shelter, which takes in approximately 6,000 stray and owner-surrendered animals each year. Because so many of these animals are in need of significant vet and behavioral care, the Seattle Animal Shelter created the Help the Animals Fund in 1977. Two-legged and four-legged friends walked and ran together around the park, enjoying views of Lake Washington all along the way.

Furry5k MapFurry5k - Pillar Properties 1

Hopefully you were able to stop by the Pillar Properties tent, where Regan, Megan and Genevieve were handing out treats.

Furry5k - Pillar Properties 2Furry5k - Pillar Properties 4

Overall the Furry 5K was a huge success and our residents who participated not only got to support a great cause, they spent a gorgeous day outside with other animal lovers.

Furry5k - Pillar Properties 5Furry5k - Pillar Properties 10

If you missed the walk, but want to support the Help the Animals Fund, you still can. Just visit this donation form.

Join All Our Communities To Celebrate Pillar Loves Pets Month

Pillar Loves Pets Month” is our annual chance to celebrate the canines and cats that make our lives a little more fun. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting and participating in all kinds of special events for both our furry and non-furry residents.

We’ll kick the month off right on June 8, participating in the Seattle Animal Shelter “Furry 5K” Fun Run and Walk around Seward Park. Join your fellow neighbors, and thousands of other folks from around the Puget Sound, as we run and walk with our dogs to raise money for the Seattle Animal Shelter. Ask your front desk for a special promo code that gets you $10 off registration fee. Sign up here.


On June 9, we’ll launch the 2nd Annual Pillar Loves Pets Photo Contest. Send in a pic of your little buddy and have your friends vote on their favorite submissions. Last year, we were on adorable overload, receiving shots with everything from cute kitties to precious puppies. Follow your building on Facebook to get all the details.

Pillar Loves Pets

Last year, hundreds of our residents and neighbors voted, choosing Bowser and Tigger as the cutest pets in the Pacific Northwest, followed closely by Biscuit and Crackers. Like last year, winners will receive $250 and $50 gift cards, so get those photos in. Enter the contest here on June 9.

Bowser and Tigger

We’ll also be hosting our own benefit for the Seattle Animal Shelter. Throughout the month, look for the big collection bins in the building. Drop a few cans of dog and cat food in the box and we’ll make sure they get to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

We love your pets at Pillar Properties. Enjoy this month as we celebrate all they bring to the community.

Pillar Properties Weekly Recap – May 23

With the sun out this week, we thought it was a great time to find some nature spots around our communities. Here were some of our recommendations.

The Corydon

People looking for an amazing walk through the flowers and trees often forget about the 702 acres of paths and cherry blossoms at the University of Washington campus. It’s a peaceful and serene set of trails ideally designed for anyone who loves outdoor scenery. Read the whole post here. UW Cherry Blossoms Image Source:

The Lyric

We have two easy suggestions for the nature lover. The Volunteer Park Conservatory is a  Victorian greenhouse modeled after London’s Crystal Palace, featuring bromeliad, fern, palm, seasonal, and cactus. And the St. Mark’s Greenbelt buffers Capitol Hill from I-5 and provides wildlife habitat, dense vegetation and trails. Get all the info here. Volunteer Park Conservatory 2 Image Source: Yelp

The 101 Kirkland

While Marina Park is the closest park to The 101 Kirkland, Heritage Park and Waverly Beach are within walking distance and offer manicured green space, gardens, pathways, viewpoints, and views of both Seattle and the Olympic mountain range. Read more here. Heritage Park 1 Stadium Place

Water is within a short walk of Stadium Place You can stay on land and visit Waterfront Park to enjoy views of Puget Sound, birds, seals, islands and the Olympic Mountains. Or, get your sea legs spend a Seattle evening than cruising around on a sailboat in the middle of Puget Sound. Get the inside scoop here.

Elliott Bay Cruise

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Pillar Properties Weekly Recap – May 16

You don’t live with your mom anymore, so it’s likely that you don’t have anyone to nag you about eating healthier. Guess what, though? When you check out some of these delicious vegetarian and vegan options right around the corner from you, you’ll actually want to eat your veggies (and you’ll want to do it as often as possible).

The Corydon

We highlight the Wayward Vegan Café and Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria. Get the whole story here.

Pizza Pi Rainbow Pizza

The Lyric

Not only are there some great options for going vegetarian on Capitol Hill, the three we’re going to talk about today couldn’t be any more different. If a classy dining experience is what you’re looking for, head on over to Plum Bistro. Want to eat like a local? You can’t go wrong with longtime neighborhood staple In the Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Studio. If you like your vegan cuisine served with a side of stiff drinks and live music, take a stroll down Broadway and pop into The Highline. Get our full synopsis here.

In the Bowl

In the Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Studio

Stadium Place

One of Seattle’s best pizza joints is right around the corner and caters to vegetarians. Freshly moved in from their fifteen-year residency in Belltown. World Pizza has relocated to the International District, and they’re ready to show vegetarians some love. See the rest of our review here. World Pizza Menu

101 Kirkland

If you’re looking for a fresh and delicious vegetarian option nearby, head over to Café Happy, where their Buddhist-inspired menu will leave you feeling enlightened. Go here to find out more about a localicious veggie option in Kirkland. Cafe Happy Photo Courtesy of Yuyu C via Yelp.

Pillar Properties Weekly Recap – May 9

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we hope you already got your mom something nice. And for those of you still shopping around, we have a suggestion- instead of just one present, why don’t you give your mom a whole day of fun? She’s put up with you for this long, the least you can do is take her out for a day of leisure!

The Corydon

Tea Time! – Impress your mom with your level of class and sophistication by taking her out for a mid-morning/pre-afternoon cup of tea! It will not only make you both feel very classy, it’ll give you the caffeine boost you need to get artistically inspired. Read more here.

The Lyric

Do something different for your mom this year. Flowers and boring brunches are out. It’ll be easy to treat her (and yourself) to a uniquely localicious experience this year, and it’s one that takes place right across the street. Prepare yourself for Julia’s Queen of the Brunch Drag Show.Get all the info here.

Julia's Brunch

The 101 Kirkland

If you want to go the extra mile beyond a simple card or phone call this year, Kirkland is jam-packed with great events to celebrate all things Mom. Why not stretch things out a couple days? We have a quick rundown on some ways that you can make the whole week a special one. Read more here.


Stadium Place

Here’s an idea for Mother’s Day adventure that’s guaranteed to please those seafaring Moms out there. You live right by the places where cruise ships live: why not head over to Pier 56 and take a cruise? Get the details here.

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Pillar Properties Recap – April Localicious Menu Items

No matter which Pillar Property you live in, you are surrounded by Localicious food options. This week, we’re giving you some of our favorites. Walk to one of the places in your neighborhood, or venture out to a new neighborhood and see what it has to offer.

The Corydon

Greek culture’s had a tremendous impact on the modern world today. They’ve contributed important scientific discoveries, inventions that improve our daily lives, and even the roots of our language.  And while these contributions are important, we’d like to make the case that the most important Greek contribution to modern culture is located at 658 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98105. Read the whole post here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 2.15.13 PM.png

The Lyric

The mantra in Portland? “Put a Bird On It.”  The mantra on Capitol Hill? At Café Pettirosso, we’d like to think it’s “Put an Egg On It.” Find out what we mean here.


The 101 Kirkland:

Not every egg has to be hidden this time of year.  There are always great spots nearby to grab dishes featuring that quintessential breakfast and brunch staple, the mighty egg.  We take a look at one “eggcellent” (admit it, you loved that pun) local joint that’s been serving up tasty takes on traditional dishes since 1979.


Stadium Place

It’s tough to figure out what’s going on inside The London Plane at first. Is it a restaurant? Is it a larder/grocery?  Is it a bakery? Is it a wine shop? Is it a florist? Is it a classroom? The answer is yes. Yes, it is all of these things. See why here.



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Pillar Properties Recap – February

We love being surrounded by style all around Seattle and Kirkland. This month, our properties around the Pacific Northwest are getting all done up by our favorite salons and relaxing at our favorite spas. Take a look at which neighbors we’re loving!

The Corydon

From designer boutiques to trendy hair salons, Seattle is on the cutting edge of style. One of our favorite local salons is Ten Pachi Salon, located in the heart of the University District. Here you will find a welcoming staff who aims to please. Read the full post here.

The Lyric

We love Capitol Hill for our accessibility to so many great local businesses. From grocery stores to hair salons, you will be sure to find everything you need just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Looking for a snazzy new hairdo? Head on down to our friends at Raven Salon for a fresh cut that will be sure to turn heads. Read the full post here.

The 101 Kirkland:

Spring is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than with a new style? Whether you are looking for a quick trim, or a whole new hairstyle, you will be in good hands with our friends at Winslow Salon. Read the full post here. 

Stadium Place

One of our favorite local spas in Pioneer Square is Skyn Salon offering a variety of services from facials to haircuts. With a welcoming atmosphere and friendly stylists, this salon is a local favorite. Go ahead – take the day off, book an appointment, and give yourself the relaxation you deserve! Read the full post here.

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Pillar Properties Recap – January

This January has been full of fun. From the Seahawks advancing to the Super Bowl to discovering new restaurants, our properties around the Pacific Northwest have been full of excitement. Here is what we have been up to this month!

The Lyric

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.35.45 AM
Knee High Stocking Co – A Capitol Hill Secret
Capitol Hill has some of the best bars and restaurants around. From Irish pubs to speakeasies you will a fun night out to please everyone in your party! One hidden gem that we love is Knee High Stocking Co. This quaint Capitol Hill hotspot is well known for its secret entrance and divine cocktails. Read the full post here.

The Corydon

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.35.57 AM
Tea Republik – A University District Gem

We love living in the University District. From sushi in University Village to bubble tea on The Ave, we have so many food and dining options right at our fingertips. Craving a hot cup of tea during the cold winter months? We have just the thing. Head on over to our friends at Tea Republik. Read the full post here.

Stadium Place

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.37.09 AM
Hawk Madness At Stadium Place
We are in love with the Seahawks and are trilled that our boys will be playing in this years Super Bowl! This Sunday, we witnessed all of the playoff action in Pioneer Square as thousands flocked to the area to support the Hawks. At Stadium Place, we celebrated with a vibrant 12th man light display at The Wave. Read the full post here.

The 101 Kirkland

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.40.35 AM
Savrika Tea – Delight Your Tastebuds
Kirkland has so many tasty locations to find a delicious beverage. Whether you are looking for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, you will find a variety of great spots just a quick drive away from The 101 Kirkland. One neighbor that we love is Savrika Tea. This tea shop offers an extensive menu of the best teas around. Read the full post here.

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Pillar Properties Weekly Recap – January

Our 2014 is off to a great start! Our properties are making resolutions and having fun around town. Here is what we are up to this week.
The Corydon
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.46.42 PM
We love our location in the University District because of our close proximity to University Village. In University Village you will find a wide variety of restaurants, local shops, and great shopping options. Read the full post here. 
Stadium Place – Italian Fare In Pioneer Square – Il Corvo
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.36.46 PM
 From Japanese sushi to Mexican enchiladas,  you will find a wide variety of dining options located in Pioneer Square. Craving Italian? We have just the thing – Il Corvo Pasta. Il Corvo Pasta is a Pioneer Square favorite offering deletable fare straight from the heart of Italy. Click here to read the full post. 
The 101 Kirkland – Couzin’s In Kirkland
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.56.32 PM
Kirkland has so many delicious bars, bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops. We love dining out and have a plethora of tasty options right here in our own backyard. Looking for great brunch in 2014? We have just the thing! Read the full post here.
The Lyric – Foundation Crossfit
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.55.09 PM
Is your New Year’s resolution to get in shape or be healthier in 2014? You’re in luck – Capitol Hill offers a variety of gyms, fitness studios and healthy dining options for any budget.  Let us introduce you to our neighbors at Foundation Crossfit. The Crossfit workout regime will help you build muscle, get in tip top shape, and make friends that will last a lifetime. Click here to read the full post. 
What are your resolutions for the new year?