Maintenance Mania: Putting Skills to Test

Have you ever wondered how our maintenance team can make repairs so quickly? These guys are serious rock stars, taking care of our building and most importantly, your apartment, whenever we need them.  And when a toilet is leaking or an air conditioner isn’t working, we really need them! One of the ways our guys hone their skills is at Maintenance Mania. It sounds like a rock concert for maintenance teams but the program offered by the National Apartment Association (NAA), is actually an exciting and fun way for our maintenance teams to put their skills to test.

Maintenance Mania ALL

From left to right: Mark Lanouette, Mike Virdell, Paul Hanson, Clay Williams, Bill Holbrook, Richard Hughes and Tyler Patton at Maintenance Mania April, 2015.

Our team recently attended the Maintenance Mania event sponsored by the Washington Multifamily Housing Association (WMFHA). Maintenance Mania is first and foremost a competition of maintenance activities. Our maintenance supervisors, along with maintenance professionals from all over the Puget Sound, participated individually in eight different games focused on challenging their maintenance skills. Each game involves a common maintenance activity—seems easy, right? Except they are judged not only on their execution and completion, but they have to finish the task as fast as possible.  That’s a lot of pressure!

The competitions included a car race where our team members had to build their own race cars with only maintenance supplies prior to the event. The goal was to be as inventive as possible to create the fastest and most ingenious car possible, check out our team member’s cars below.kujf;khvOther competitions included water heater installation, control deadbolt test, flush toilet conversion and faucet installation. Each one is designed to test the competitor’s ability to execute these tasks, and the speed at which each is completed. Now you know how our maintenance team can work so quickly to fix your toilet, faucet or your air conditioner!

Along with learning new skills and honing some old ones, our team had lots of fun participating in this event. They love any excuse to get together, hang out and do what they are so passionate about. They tell us that they learned a lot, they were able to share each other’s tactics, and while it was an individual competition, they helped each other with tips and tricks—because for our guys, it’s always about team work!

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