Pillar Properties Weekly Recap – May 9

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we hope you already got your mom something nice. And for those of you still shopping around, we have a suggestion- instead of just one present, why don’t you give your mom a whole day of fun? She’s put up with you for this long, the least you can do is take her out for a day of leisure!

The Corydon

Tea Time! – Impress your mom with your level of class and sophistication by taking her out for a mid-morning/pre-afternoon cup of tea! It will not only make you both feel very classy, it’ll give you the caffeine boost you need to get artistically inspired. Read more here.

The Lyric

Do something different for your mom this year. Flowers and boring brunches are out. It’ll be easy to treat her (and yourself) to a uniquely localicious experience this year, and it’s one that takes place right across the street. Prepare yourself for Julia’s Queen of the Brunch Drag Show.Get all the info here.

Julia's Brunch

The 101 Kirkland

If you want to go the extra mile beyond a simple card or phone call this year, Kirkland is jam-packed with great events to celebrate all things Mom. Why not stretch things out a couple days? We have a quick rundown on some ways that you can make the whole week a special one. Read more here.


Stadium Place

Here’s an idea for Mother’s Day adventure that’s guaranteed to please those seafaring Moms out there. You live right by the places where cruise ships live: why not head over to Pier 56 and take a cruise? Get the details here.

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