Where to Get Food and Wine For Your BBQ

The epicureans among you will know that the best and worst chefs in the world can benefit from high quality ingredients. And there’s no better compliment to the food than a perfect bottle of wine. So we found places in your neighborhoods to help you serve something really special.

Stadium Place

Rain Shadow Meats http://www.rainshadowmeats.com/ at 404 Occidental Ave South is a full service butchery featuring all local meats, house made Charcutiere, and a custom curing room. it’s located a few blocks away, on the edge of Pioneer Square. Their goal is bring back the local neighborhood butcher, and works with local farms to provide them a way to reach people like us. Not just your source for great meat and cheese, you can also learn about food at their classes, as well as get custom cuts and special orders.

Rain Season Meats
Source: SeattleBySarah.com

Up the street a few blocks near Pike Place (1435 1st Ave) is one of Seattle’s hidden treasures, Delaurenti. Head upstairs to find the most complete selection of Italian wines in the city. But they don’t stop in Italy, in total they offer more than 1,800 selections wines from the Northwest and around the world.

The Corydon

Bill the Butcher. Bill the Butcher at 3600 NE 45th St is trying to create an extremely short food chain, that is kind to animals, good for the consumer and rancher, safe for the environment and profitable for our stakeholders. They have a full range of grassfed meat for your eating pleasure.

Bill the Butcher

Carrying an extensive selection of wines from around the world, McCarthy and Schiering/ at 6500 Ravenna specializes in Washington and Oregon wines. (Please, no Oregon wines at a pre-Husky party.) They also find small individual estates of France, Italy, Germany and Austria, and new world wines from California, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina, so you may not have heard of a lot of bottles on their shelves. Plus, they have the experience to back up their claims, recognized in 1998 by Food and Wine magazine as “retailer of the year,” named one of the “50 best Wine Stores in America” by GQ magazine in 2004, and also one of the “top 10 small specialty shops featuring wines from Piedmont and Tuscany.”

The Lyric

Just like down in Pioneer Square, Rain Shadow Meats Rain Shadow Meats/ has a place up at Melrose Market. Don’t miss out.

Vino Verite at 208 Boylston Ave N is Capitol Hill’s own wine cellar, with more tnan 1200 different wines from all over the world, with a special emphasis on Northwest and French wine. They taste and approve almost everything in the store, and try to pick out the best values for their customers.

The 101 Kirkland

The Metropolitan Market at Kirkland 10611 NE 68th St has the highest quality meat selection in the area. You can also grab some high end appetizers and other premier ingredients.

The 101 Kirkland has a great spot within walking distance. The Grape Choice at 9 Lakeshore Plaza Dr is both a retail wine shop and a wine bar. The “Grape” carries a wide selection of wines from all around the world and specializes in choices from the Northwest. Stop in for a drink and take some tastes before deciding on what you’ll serve your guests.

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